Monday, August 2, 2010

Bowling as a summer past time

Before the summer started I thought to myself, THIS summer is going to be great!  I thought of all the things I could sign Jayda up for to do that would keep us busy and not ALWAYS but sometimes in the heat.

Swim lessons were on the top of my list.......didn't happen.  Probably should have though because Jayda has become a screamer and terrified of the "big pool" as she calls it and will only dip her brown little body in the 3 ft. kiddie pool

The movie theater near our house has a summer movie program so we signed up for that instead.  It turned out to be really fun.  You get to see a movie every Wednesday for the entire summer.  Jayda loved it!  I think we'll be doing it next summer as well.  It was only 7 dollars per person and you get a sheet of all the tickets for the summer so for 14 bucks we saw a movie every week.  What a smokin deal! 

 Last we signed up for the "Brunswick Zone".  Sounds cool huh? lol well at least to Jayda it did.  Every week the bowling alley sends you an email with free bowling coupons.  To kick off the summer they had a "Bowling Alapalooza" you could bring your kids....18 and under bowled free for 2 hours, free shoe rental, free pizza, ice cream, and a drink.  That saturday came and Chris and I took our girls, plus my sisters Alexa and Bailey of course down to the bowling alley and we bowled away.  It was histerical!  Jayda was hooked!  Chris and I even won a prize during one of the drawings....right after Chris had said, I NEVER win anything when it comes to drawings and prizes lol lol lol we made fun of him after. 

Here are some pictures and video from one of our trips down to the bowling alley this summer for our free bowling :)  We're pretty much pros now.  You know 300 everytime :)


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