Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July in Utah!!

We spent the 4th of July in Utah this year.  It was a last minute trip decided the night before and even though I VOWED to  never make that 12 hour trip pregnant again, we went :) I was even excited to go.
About hour 8......not so much, but still the trip was great.
We had fun with family, Jayda got to see temple square which was exciting for her, I got to eat chocolate from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory which was exciting for me :) as chocolate always is, and Chris got to blow a bunch of fireworks apart and we all know how this sentence ends. 

 Thanks Connie for letting us all crash at your place. 

 Jayda hamming it up because Chris and his dad were making her feel like she was some girl in a GAP ad :)


 Maya blowing kisses to her passing fans

 Maya mad because she didn't like the fireworks and all the loud popping noises

 These little fireworks were called "Flowers" and Jayda loved em.  Chris would lite them and jayda would chuck it in the street and they'd go crazy and zip all over.  She probably threw about 20 of them and did great til the very last one she didn't throw it right away for some reason so Chris had to smack it out of her hand before it went off and it scared her a little bit other than that it was a safe night........for the most part lol


The Grant Fam said...

I can't believe Jayda held a sparkler!!! Also I tried to watch the video and it said it was private or something. Random.

mashby said...

Holy cow - I am laughing OUT LOUD here!!! That Jayda is a funny one! How does she know the words, who even does know the words? I have got to meet that little one again - she seems like a character now. Looks like a really fun trip. Your girls must be so well behaved to make a drive like that!

Alli said...

are you kidding me?! Could your girls be any cuter? I don't think so! I was cracking up at the video of them singing and how maya was mouthing the words too cute! I LOVE glee and i have to agree with maya poker face is one of my all time favorites that they did. way better than the original. I need to get the soundtrack. and I can't wait for the new season!

Tanner and Andrea said...

hey- are you guys going to the reunion... if so we will see you there!