Thursday, June 25, 2009

Swimming Around

There's a lot of swimming going on around here lately. Yesterday we lived at the pool. We went out to this pool yesterday with my sister in law and her kids and my friend and her son came along too. It was a lot of fun. The pool was so cool especially for a public pool. There was a lazy river, dive pools, splash pad, and the cool pool that had all the water spraying and a big bucket that dumped water like every 5 minutes. All the kids loved it. Jayda was a little freaked every time she'd get sprayed and she definitely did NOT wanna go down any of the water slides but luckily we forced her and she started to ease up towards the end. Is it mean when your child is screaming and holding on to the bar for dear life and you're prying her little fingers one by one till the last finger is holding and you give her one last shove and she shoots down the slide screaming??? LOL yeah that was us yesterday and yes I'm so that mom. My mom was that way with me and I'm fine so I guess it can't be that psychologically damaging. :) It was hard to keep Maya cool but we brought her and even dipped her in the pool for a second. Other than that she sat in her stroller where I attempted to keep her cool by squirting her with a squirt bottle like mini me from Austin Powers or a cat haha these ladies were laughing at
me but hey you do what you gotta do right? By the end of the whole thing she looked a little like don king from all the water and sunblock in her patch of hair. I forgot my camera but luckily Jamie came prepared.


The Van Fam said...

ok that pool looks so fun! but ya i heard it is always super crowded!

Amber said...

Hey were you guys at Mesquite groves by Basha high? we love that pool and go all the time, we'll have to meet you there sometime.

I'm so that mom to that would push her kids down the slide, they are always glad once they realize how fun it is!