Thursday, June 18, 2009


Maya was two months old as of Tuesday. I cannot believe it. I decided today amongst all the cleaning and playing around that I should get a picture of her. It's like the more kids you have the less pictures there are of the younger ones. I know you're hearing me out there kids number 4 or 5 . I was the second child but the first girl so I have tons of pictures of me but I didn't want the stereotype/statistic of no pictures for my children so I'm trying to take as much as I can.

Today was one of those days where you set out to do so much and you wake up in a cleaning mood so you just roll with it in case that mood doesn't come along until next month :) I just couldn't help myself though, it ended up being a pajama party all day filled with a TON of laughter and of course if you know us Grant girls lots of over active tear ducts along with those smiles. I just can't help it, Jayda makes me laugh. We tried to make a casting of Jaydas hand but she got grossed out and started yelling out..."It hurt me Mom it hurt me" (total lie but she knew I'd let her take her hand out of the cup) so we ended up doing Mayas instead. I'll have to take a picture of it b/c it was actually pretty cool. Once Jayda saw the finished product she wanted to try again. This is where my motherly teaching skills came in and I so nobly taught her the lesson of " Ya snooze, ya lose sista!!"

Anyway it was just a great day. One of those moments when you just look around and are happy you didn't do all the "important" things like laundry and dishes, cause heaven forbid you put them off for a day. I was happy to have shared my day with my girls doing nothing but laughing and eating otter pops! That should be a slogan for life I tell ya.





Joey and Ashley said...

Oh my gosh! Where did she get those blue eyes?! How cute!!

Amber said...

Fun! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that wakes up with the desire to get things done but easliy gets distracted!

Your little one is super cute! Definetly some Grant in that girl!

Jaime said...

absolutely precious!