Tuesday, June 16, 2009

One Big Smile


This picture is absolutely hilarious to me. I'm sure only other mothers can relate but there is just something about this childs personality that cracks me up, DAILY. From head to toe this picture makes me laugh. From her turned out feet, this being because she walks exactly like Chris and his dad. (It's a constant joke in the family) To her rolled up pants that are different sizes, (a constant struggle between Chris and I since he INSISTS on rolling them EVERY TIME the girl wears jeans) He claims I should've been born in the 40's and 50's because of my love of that era but secretly I think he channels his inner Fonz through rolling Jayda's jeans. There's the hands in the pockets thing, which is a total imitation of her father. She loves to walk with her hands in her pockets, sometimes at the expense of her own body as she tends to trip up and can't get them back out to catch herself fast enough. We then move up to the on the shoulder, off the shoulder action of her jacket. To tell you the truth I'm just surprised she didn't have her hood on since the girl LOVES to wear hats and hoods. Anything she can...(I think it's to keep the wispys out of her face b/c she can't stand when her curls are tickling her cheeks. Anyway back to the sleeves. This so nicely compliments her rolled up pants because if you look closely it balances perfectly out with the thick rolled pant on the side of the shoulder action and vice versa. And last we move up to her typical cheesy smile which warms me up in a heart beat and that crazy head of curls that is clearly out of control which only leaves the statement of, This was a good day!

I love this little Girl!


Alexa Grant said...

OH man i doo to!!!!

Amber said...

Very cute pic!!!

Are you guys going to the Heap Reunion? the countdown has begun!