Saturday, April 4, 2009

My Boy Blue!

So this post is about my boy Blue! The story goes like this:

It was a nice Saturday last week and we had no plans. I had been wanting to go and check out our local Flee Market/Swap Meet whatever you wanna call it, so I convinced Chris to go. We get off the freeway and are about to turn on the little side road into the swap meet and there's a girl on the side of the road holding up a neon colored sign.

I will now from this point on, NEVER pay attention to neon poster signs...

The sign read, "Homeless please take my dog".

Me: "Hey! Isn't that the kind of dog you want hun?"

Chris: "Whoa, yeah that's EXACTLY the kind of dog I want, actually!"

Pregnant, CLEARLY in a giving kind of mood/hormones must be sucking brain cells b/c I would have never said this otherwise.....

Me: "Well why don't you go talk to the girl? We can take it home, I don't care."

Chris: "Are you serious????"

Tires screech, the car jumps 2 lanes over, next thing I know we're parked, he's out of the car, and Jayda and I are left wondering where the heck daddy went lol

So Chris goes and is talking to the girl. I'm at first wondering why the sign said homeless because the girl did not look homeless at all. (Come to find out they weren't really homeless just the economic times. Feed the dog or feed the kids) Then the longer Chris takes the more my mind starts grasping the fact that I just said he could take the dog home. Then I quickly went from pondering to PANIC!!! Where's the dog going to go? We weren't in a truck and it was clearly too huge to fit in my nice clean car. I had a quick slap in the face back to reality when I hear my Jayda saying..."Look at my dog mom!" "Mom just look at my dog!!!!"

I look up to see that the dog was more equivalent to a horse and therefore my vision must be effected by this pregnancy as well because he DID NOT look that big from the road! It's head was the same height as Jaydas. It was pulling Chris left and right and could've probably dragged him down the road had he not put a good grip on him right away.

So I get out of the car with Jayda just in time to hear the girl say, yeah he's kinda hyper since he's still young.......

STILL YOUNG??? I immediately asked, "So he's not done growing????" She at least clarified that no, he was full grown and that over the next 6 months he'd start to mature and calm down. I was about to die! I thought, what did I just do? I have a baby on the way in a matter of like a couple weeks and now a DOG! I hate dogs! Ok so I don't hate them, I'm just not a animal owner type person. I put on my brave face though because Chris looked so happy, and I said load Old Blue up.

All it took for me was the car ride home to decide, NO WAY IN HECK ARE WE KEEPING THIS DOG! I had to roll my window down on the freeway because the smell was about to make me gag. We pulled into our driveway and Chris stuck him in the back yard. I walked straight to the computer to post his not so little 4 legged butt on craigslist just praying that someone wanted a good hunting dog. I then so lovingly asked Chris to vacuum all the hair out of our car, and wipe the seats and windows where he had so lovingly drooled and stuck his mouth. (SICK!) And 2 hours later our nice dog loving friends came and got him to take home as one of their own. WHEW! I have to say though, for those 2 hours that we were dog owners it was such a bonding moment lol NOT.

Jayda still a week later talks about HER dog, Blue. I did feel bad for the sole fact that Chris really did like the dog. It was trained already and was starting to be trained to be a hunting dog which is what Chris wanted it for to begin with. If we would've had land around our house or even a bigger backyard we probably would've kept him but maybe in another life for Chris. As for now we will remain a no pet family. HAPPILY!

I am just sick I didn't take a picture because seriously it was such a random thing that we had a dog for even the 2 hours that we did, and because the dog was so huge I wish I would've taken a couple of pics, so instead I just got a couple online to show what kind of dog it was. The picture up top says blue but I didn't make that. The kind of dog is a Blue Tic Hound which I'm assuming is why the lady had named him Blue.


Jaime said...

Ya, you're definitely having brain cells sucked from you to give into a chore like that! BUT he is cute!

Tami and Jamey said...

That is SO funny!!! He is a cute dog!!

Vance & Amanda Williams said...

Your alot braver than me.. Vance wants to get a dog.. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO.. Is always my answer.. I can bearly keep up with a husband and a baby, let alone a dog.. :)

my grateful heart said...

i so love that story!!! but even more i love the way jayda says, 'my blue!'

Shannon said...

That is so hilarious!!! I totally don't blame you! I'm not an animal owner type of person right now. Maybe when we move somewhere with more land, we will have a dog or horse. way in my nice clean home. That will be my number one rule!

Oh yah, I was talking with a girl in my ward who I have known for a while now. She told me today her maiden name was Ray so I asked if she was related to Chris and she said he is her cousin. Her name is Carrie Hellman. Crazy! Small world!