Saturday, March 21, 2009

LDS Harvard Girl

I just thought this girl did a pretty good job answering these questions especially for only being 20 years old. It just reminded me of my little sister who is serving her mission now and how she's going to come across A LOT of questions like these....some that will be way more off based than these :)

Day of Faith: Personal Quests for a Purpose - 3. Rachel Esplin from Harvard Hillel on Vimeo.

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'Garrett's mom' said...

WELL SAID! Good for her!! Especially with the temple/garment issue and when they asked her what part of the church she doesn't believe in. I loved how she said she put the topics she didn't "fully understand" on a shelf until she could study and learn about them. What a well brought up example! I know if I had been asked those questions, my answers wouldn't have been half of what she said. She is a shining example!