Saturday, April 25, 2009

Catch Up!

I've been meaning to post forever now, but one thing after another and here I am :) I thought I'd post some pictures of Jayda since she seems to be getting bigger....(well lets be honest it's Jayda, so not really bigger but seeming older.) She is talking so much and says the funniest things everyday. Her favorite things lately are her swimming pool, and the slip and slide with Alah! She was starting to get a mullet so I braved through it and cut her hair myself. She was surprisingly good and pretty still too. That we will give credit to the ipod. I plopped on a video for her and she was locked. All in all everything has been great with our little family and we couldn't ask for more.

The hospital and baby pictures of Maya to come later today hopefully....

1 comment:

Joey and Ashley said...

Denee, you dont even look that big in that picture...How far along were you? Im so mad if you were about to have your baby cuz Im bigger than you for suRE!!