Friday, March 20, 2009

Schnepps Farm or Michael Jacksons Neverland???

This past Saturday we took Jayda out to Schnepps Farm. We had heard that it was really fun and that Jayda would love it. We pumped Jayda up by promises of animals and a train ride so when we arrived she was ready to go. We get out of the car and start walking towards the entrance and it was eerily quiet. We thought we'd have to pay at the entrance but no one was there. Chris and I looked at each other and kinda laughed, like..OK? whatever. We continue in and walk down this sidewalk and there is like this random, old, frenchy music playing and NO ONE in sight still. Again we were like Ummm ok?? So we follow it around and it brings us to the little restaurant. When we got to the door two of the workers were standing there just staring at us so Chris says to the guy, "Ummm hi are you guys open?". The worker replied "Yes" and just stared for a second longer and walked off. So we turn to the lady thinking she was going to help us, or ask us to pay or SOMETHING.....anything at this point lol. She of course just stared and walked off. Chris and I turned to each other and said, "WEIRRRRRD!!" and laughed. I wanted to eat first so we had to ask again, "Well can we be seated, do we need to pay for the train ride now, what do we need to do???" We finally are seated which was funny again that they made us wait for a table because there was seriously no one else around. There was one other family already almost done eating but the rest of the place was just empty tables, yet the guy said, "Let me find you a place to sit."

The look on Jayda's face was priceless. I think even she could feel the awkwardness.

Hence the emptiness......

Again no one around!

Well we get our food and lets just say it wasn't worth mentioning so we quickly headed over to hop on the train. This was probably the best part of the trip and the only thing worth while going out there to do again. Jayda loved it.

We were waiting for the Engineer to start our ride. I have no clue what she was saying to me but by the look on our faces it must have been something funny.

She was pretty happy to be wearing her little red wrist band too.

This is just part of the farm where you can pay to go and pick your own produce and you just pay by the pound I think.

This train was so cool. Jayda's little friend Jonas would've loved it, but she enjoyed it enough for the both of them.

Ok so after all the initial emptiness and shock of the workers, the weird music, and the feeling like we were in a ghost town or bad horror movie we decided that the mood had shifted to Michael Jacksons Neverland Ranch. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? K so I guess at Michael Jacksons house he has all these rides like you'd see at Disneyland or a carnival but since he's gone bankrupt the pictures you see now days of that property look run down with weeds and creepy from all the abandoned rides everywhere. That's EXACTLY what this place looked like. It was kinda sad, but mostly just weird and freaky lol.

NO CLUE what this thing was.

Again no clue.......but there was like some kind of rug and skeleton hand coming out of it.

I took this picture b/c the train was cool made out of wood, but weird again b/c there was no one around to play on it.

We hopped off the train and decided to take Jayda for a walk down to the petting zoo. Once again notice in the picture Chris and Jayda are walking and no one in sight!

This rooster was trying to get Jayda and I so Chris took my camera back and was swatting at it to back up but the dang thing was mean, it didn't back down for a second.

This is the BIGGEST cow I've ever seen. No joke. It was bigger than the full size horse next to it. And Chris's head was only about 6 in. above it's back. My Grandma Jones would've loved him.

Look at the cow again on the left. It was seriously so big.

Just showing how big it was but please don't focus on the big scary pregnant girl.

Almost to the 3!

This carousel was from 1921. I couldn't believe it still ran. There was even one original pig seat that was still on it. Granted it didn't go very fast at all, we had to spread out to evenly distribute the weight for it to go, and it creaked like it was about to die but none the less it was pretty cool and Jayda loved riding "HER" horse.

As we were leaving the lady said come back at Harvest and Festival times!!! I was like, yeah right lady lol but I guess those really are the best times to go. We came home and one of our friends said, "Oh you can't go there for fun unless it's during the Peach Festival or Christmas time, otherwise it's boring" LOL sure would've helped before we had gone out there, but Jayda still had fun and that was all Chris and I cared about. Plus we had our own nice little laugh about it all while we were there so chalk that up for one more memory in the family books.


Rebecca and Eric MantanoƱa said...

It's definitely true, that the best time to go is around Halloween, when all of the rides are up and running, and the place is packed, and there are so many attractions and food and fun! We have been there before, but only for Halloween. Like you said, good family memories nonetheless! And from your pix, it surely looked like MJ's Neverland. CREEPY!

Ty and Jacki Hanks said...

Hahaha!!! That is great! Thisstory reminds me of when we went to the Old Tucson. It really was dead there was a total of 3 families there...including ours. But they did have someone at the front taking the money...for sure! :) It was way too expensive and too far to drive for the "excitement" we had there. :) haha That is a great story!!!! I love the Michael Jackson comparison. I thought it was going to be about some crazy man. HaHAHA