Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Girls Camp 2008

WOW!! I've been gone for 2 weeks straight so my blog has been in need of an update. I had the opportunity to go to girls camp with my ward again this year, which is a 2 for 1 deal since my little sisters are still in young women's and in our stake. I love being up there with them. The theme this year was "Anchored in Christ". It was such a great theme and the leaders all did an awesome job of carrying it out throughout the week. Some of my favorite things about this year were going with the girls everyday to their certification stations......(especially the archery, Ho'o if you're reading this you know why) lol we also went on a long hike that was even hard for the leaders. I'm proud of the girls in my ward. I didn't hear one complaint and they all pushed through it till we got back to camp. There was a mock ship wreck that the stake leaders and YCL's did that made the girls have to perform the things they learned during their certification and all the leaders and YCL's were dressed up and the forest was decked out so that it looked like a jungle. It was crazy how much they did and how great it turned out. Here's some pictures from the week and thanks Kate for providing them to me so I could post them on here, since I didn't bring my camera.


Joey and Ashley said...

That looks so fun! I want to go back to girls camp! We had the funnest time there!!! : )

Sarah said...

Wow girls camp and the Heap reunion! Are you tires of camping yet? I hope to see you around now that I know we go to a lot of the came places. :)

The Van Fam said...

Oh girls camp... how i miss that! Fun, and you weren't lying when you said you would be gone all of July. I haven't seen you in months girl! Whats up?!