Friday, August 8, 2008

We had our annual Heap Reunion this past week and boy was it nice. It didn't rain for once. Normally it rains everyday. Sometimes for most of the day, which can make it kind of miserable but not this year. We tried some new things as well. We went up to Hawley Lake one day which is where Chris's family loves to go, and then another day we went up to Greer. I've decided that we're going to have to take a trip to Greer every year now. It was so pretty and the little river was stocked full of fish which made for a fun afternoon especially when you're an impatient fisherman......or so my husband tells me. :) My nephew was so excited to catch his first fish and he even caught 2 crawdads, which he named Pinchy and Crab....go ahead all you Spanish speaking cousins of mine, and get a good laugh in again. Yes I said Pinchy and Crab. The 3 little ones were actually pretty good. They were constantly filthy but what you gonna do when you have 3 toddlers running around a campsite, at least they never tried to get into the fire.

We stopped a couple times on the way up and this was the glorious bathroom key at one gas station.....I wonder if they've ever lost this beast lol it was quite funny.

When we turned onto our dirt road up to our camp we let Jayda drive. You can never start to early right? and let me just say she was swerving all over the road and thought it was just the funniest thing....I don't think that's a good sign for the future.

Helping her dad set up camp.

Up at Hawley Lake

This is earl lake we had to let chris get a little fly fishing in.

Scared of the HUGE bee zoomin around

Chuckin rocks right by uncle Chris.....I wonder why he never caught anything right here lol. My mom said this looks just like Colton and I when we were little. I would of course copy everything he did which is exactly what Jayda does to Mason. He thinks it's quite funny.

On the way back to camp we saw the biggest herd of elk I've ever seen in my life. I took a panoramic shot that has a picture for each side of the one I have posted here so just picture this pic. times 3!! There were a ton.

Then we also saw these guys. Chris was salivating to say the least. He said we could just go home b/c the trip was complete at that point lol no need to stay for the rest of the reunion.

This is just a cute little store in Greer where we got some worms to fish with.

What a true man :) Look at that arm and that buck knife....(mind you I had no clue what the heck a buck knife was till this trip)

Nice spunge bob poll Preston :) its the size of his arm!


Trevor & Taytum said...

This year it is so green and pretty up here! I love it. Glad that you guys got to enjoy it!

Ty and Jacki Hanks said...

Wow! That looked so beautiful! It sounded like so much fun! You take the best pictures!

Family of 5 said...

Great pictures Denee. I wish we could have been at the reunion too. I made my blog private, so email me your email address so I can add you.
Thanks ~April

Anonymous said...

Your family is so cute. Wow how things have changed. I loved seeing the pictures of the Heap year I will make sure Ed, I(Nanette), and our kids Jaymi & family, Jason & family, Julie & family get there.... I don't want to miss it anymore for all the grandkids sake....

I miss you and in case you can't guess I'm looking at everyone's blog on Jaymi's site to learn how to do my own....Howdy doo.....!