Thursday, July 17, 2008

Workin it on the Freeway!

Getting on the Freeway for the first time!

We have been waiting for over a year for the freeway to be open, and finally that day has come. Well I guess technically on Monday that day will come but still. They opened it up for people to ride their bikes, walk, roller skate, or in Emily and Jaydas case drive down. There were lots of stands with the local businesses passing out free stuff trying to promote what they offered, we got lots of goody bags, tons of water which was nice because it was HOT!!!!!

Whats a matter Nan?? Are your legs to short or is the cable too high? :)
Little Miss Safety Patrol....she's always looking out for Jayda and holding on to her.
Look at that chubby short little arm raised up copying me she is so dang cute!

This picture is so funny to me b/c it looks like they are really driving on the Freeway with that car in the background.......this better not be the sight we see years from now when Emily is driving them around. LOL We're in for some trouble.

Ok so we were walking by and Ch. 3 News was there. The guy stopped us and asked if he could interview Emily and Jayda in the cute Barbie Jeep. It was so funny because we were all excited they were going to be on TV, while the little girls were oblivious and just wondering why on earth we had stopped them, and made them sit there waiting.

Jayda getting some water before her big debut!

This is their little news clip. Sorry it's horrible I had to tape it off the computer with my camera.

The Gov. was there.....blah blah who cares lol

Then there was the Popsicle incident. Jayda had a sucker which she never normally gets. So of course she was loving life. Well since we were all sweating to death we hit up the Popsicle truck that was giving out Bullet Pops for free. We thought for sure Jayda would want one. NOPE!! She wanted her sucker back and was going to put up a fight with her daddy until she got it. The pictures tell the whole story.

Oh, all of a sudden the little princess is fine :) Doesn't even look like she had been crying does it?

I'd give anything to know what they were both eyeballing

Still had the sucker.............
.....but daddy said it was time to throw it away
She was finally ready I guess little stinker
Hey Chris, aren't you so glad your $20 bass pro flip flops made it through another fun family adventure. They sure were worth those $20 bucks :)


Kathy's Boys said...

I never would have guessed that a new freeway could cause so much excitement!!! That is adorable though that Jayda and Emily got on the news! So cute...
Hope to get down there soon. Love ya

Cara said...

That's hilarious that you guys took the jeep - Alexa said "no fair they got to be on the news!" :)

Tami said...

How cool they got to be on the news! Beverly Kidd from the news who in on that clip is a tax client of ours. I remember when Hayden was a week old we took him on the freeway party like this by our old house where the loop hits the 60 around Baseline and Ellsworth. It was fun and cool to say we hung out on the freeway. Still this day when we drive by it I think of how we got to go there. Of course Hayden won't remember.

Ty and Jacki Hanks said...

They ARE FAMOUS! I loved the barbie car! Tom looked nervous being on TV. :) Tell Chris I will get him his own sucker to leave Jayda's alone. :) hahahah

frances said...

Poor chris....still getting tortured about the flip flops, you should get use to it, it's gonna be a long marriage!!!!

Tena said...

Denee' I really enjoy checking out your blog. I'm fairly new at this but check out my blog if you'd like to see some cute pics of the kids and these beautiful Florida beaches! Love ya! Tena

Linda said...

Hi Denee! I was just looking at your photography blog - and you are so darn amazingly talented. GREAT pictures. What do you charge?

Soon to be...Mr. and Mrs. Travis Dorsey said...

That was such a cute video clip of Jayda on the news!!

Anonymous said...

i'm so glad our family has both our blog addresses... cause i'm too lazy!