Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sundays Lesson

We have such amazing Relief Society teachers in my ward. I love all of them. I never come away on Sundays without feeling like I have been touched or taught by what they had to say....or I guess by what the Spirit had to say. Today was no different. We were talking about journaling, and asking ourselves at the end of the day this question, "How has the Lords hand been placed in my life today?". I sat there and thought to myself that I just don't do that enough as I should. It was said during the lesson that we have so many distractions in our lives in this day and age. TV, Ipods, movies.....the list goes on and on. So I started to think about my daily life at home with my little girl. We don't watch that much tv, but I usually always have music playing or something going on. Personally, I've realized I'm definitely not giving myself the time to ponder and listen to the spirit to feel how the Lord's hand is being placed in my life throughout the day and all the little blessings that I'm being blessed with. Even more importantly, I'm not giving my child that opportunity either. I know she's only 17 months old but she's closer at her age to the Savior than I am. I know that is true, and I know her sweet spirit can feel the Lords blessings as well, and I need to give her those opportunities. It was a great lesson, and a wonderful reminder to me, for myself, and as a mother to stop. Ponder more. Remember more. And ask myself at the end of the day, how has the Lord blessed my life today? Then write it down, because not only will those memories be a testimony to me later in life but for my children as well. During the lesson the woman teaching told a story of President Eyring's father or father in law I can't remember which one now but it was about how he came home one night after dark and was surprised by his father in law/father when he saw him coming down his front walk carrying some pipes over his shoulder. He had been doing some work for them getting the water from a stream down hill from them and getting it to flow to their home. As President Eyring thought to himself of the loving sacrifice his father/father in law was making for them he thought in his mind....and he said, not in his own voice. (Not exact quote) Write these memories down for they will bless the lives of others/ or his children...i can't remember, but the point is, from then on President Eyring wrote down every night how the Lord blessed his life and the life of his family everyday. That is a testimony to me of journaling...or blogging whatever it is we like to do, so that not only will those memories bless our lives as we go back and read them later on but that they will bless the lives of our children and other family members. I'm grateful that I was able to hear this lesson today and that it was taught so well and that the spirit was felt.


The Frost Family said...

Denee, your are amazing, your such a great example. It's been hard, I haven't done the best as I could when I comes to spiritual experiences. It's weird how easy it is to get into a rut and hard to get out. I can tell the spirit isn't in my home and it makes me sad. It's great to hear your testimony and is such a great boost for me to get myself and my family intuned with the spirit.
Thank you Denee for everything you have done for me, you are such a great friend.

Bethany M said...

It's so nice to see friends holding to the rod despite the crazy world we live in.
Thanks for sharing a bit of your testimony!

Tanner & Andrea said...

Denee.. You are so sweet. I just love ya to death. Hope you are doing well. I am so excited to be a mom.. I cant wait- only 7 weeks left!! I still cant get the whole header thing on the blog figured out... I'm retarded. I know I never got back with you before but I am all about you making me one now.. I just want something cute, it doesnt even matter what.. - so whenever you get some spare time.. let me know if you can help me with one. Thanks Chica.
Love, Me

Tanner & Andrea said...

That would be great... Im so excited to see what you are designing for me... haha. My email is no hurry or anything... just whenever you get a chance. Thanks so much.
oh yah, Tanner says Hi

rebecca mantanoƱa said...

Hey Denee,

I have greatly enjoyed reading your blog because to me it truly shows who you are. Thanx for sharing a small part of your testimony. You never know who is going to be reading it! I found yours awhile back through Bethany's blog. Your little one is unbelievably cute!!! I do have a question for you regarding what type of camera you have. You are an amazing photographer and I would like to upgrade my camera and get some more candid photos that are not always blurry! When you have time, could you email ma at I would appreciate it!
Rebecca MantanoƱa

{Mullins} said...

wish i could enjoy rs, but primary has its perks too! :) hey i just read that you're 24. i totally thought you were older than me...prob because you're more mature! ;) happy {belated} bday!

Todd, Christy, and Co. said...

Hi Denee- It's Christy! I am so excited I found your blog! Jayda is so Beautiful- she has grown soo much since I saw you last! We were sad you couldn't make it to lunch the other day- but we are definately going to start getting together tons! You have done such a great job on your blog- I'm excited to keep in touch!