Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Flu and Lots to do!

I am so bummed that our whole family caught the flu this weekend. Not only was it my sister in law Crystals wedding but we had family in town for it and I love to socialize. We had to leave everything early to head home b/c we had the flu. :( It's definitely made its way through the village, I think 7 of us total have come down with it and my little sister called this morning and said she started having the fun with the flu herself this morning. Man I hate being sick and mostly I hate my little girl being sick because you just have to let it pass. On the plus side of things though, being home and resting lets me do other things that I would normally pass over and not care to do unless I had nothing better to do....and lets be honest all you mothers out there, like those moments ever happen :) When I was little we'd always listen to the Scripture Scouts. We moved around a lot when I was growing up so cross country trips and trips back to my moms home town in Florida were a norm. I can't tell you how many times we'd listen to them. Mostly just disk one over and over again. My mom is a saint for not exploding on the car rides. I was sitting here putting the Scripture Scouts cd's onto my itunes so we could listen to them on our own little rode trips now and I just thought it was funny how they've gone full circle. I know my little monkey doesn't understand really but hey it's never too early to learn the stories of the scriptures right? Here's my scripture scouts plug: They are fun to listen to, great for teaching and your children will love them. Pick up your copy and Deseret Book today :) lol


Kathy's Boys said...

Sorry to hear you've been sick. Hope you are all better! I was just listening to some old Jimmy Buffet
and was wondering if you remember the song
"Little Miss Magic" Dendy used to sing it to Savana!
It would be a great song for you and your little
miss magic Jada! Love ya

tessa said...

They're on our ipod too:) My husband thinks I'm nuts but all us Fletchers love 'em.