Thursday, March 27, 2008

Random Wednesday

My day started out great yesterday. We are a one car family, so on the rare occasion that I DO get the car during the week, it's a very good day! I got a call from my mom saying that she had my nephew for the day and that they were just planning on taking him to McDonalds to play and eat for a bit, and asked if I wanted to come. So of course anywhere anyone was going that day, we were on top of it. Well turns out we met up at Peter Piper which was a lot cooler :)

What's funny about this picture is that she got stuck when it was time to get out.

That looks a little better with someone the right size sitting in it :)

Her other 3 mothers

Please don't ask, and no, if you're wondering....child protective services were not called during this pole dancing experience lol

Yes! She did try all the toys and games that are for the children by herself. LOL There were no children around or with her when she was engaging in these events.

This would be the "not so sure" face! Yeah we're all not quite sure about Aunt Brooklyn either :) It's ok

I've never been to the new Tempe Town Market Place, and my mom was going to the Old Navy out there after Peter Piper so naturally we went along. It is really cool out there. There's a ton of stores. Good stores! There's a difference lol and a lot of new restaurants that I am just going to have to try. They have cool lounge areas all over and misters hanging all over since its an outdoor mall. Fire Pit/Places, and fountains and waterfalls all over the complex too. As we were walking by one of the fountains there was a little girl playing in it and my nephew was just dying to test it out why not!?! We let the kids just play. Clothes and all. It was so funny to see them get all excited. My little monkey took a second to figure it out because by the time she'd run to one that was shooting up it would go down and the one next to it would pop up. She just learned how to walk people so she's not the fastest thing but she finally figured it out and one time it resulted in a shot straight to the face that took her breath away. She was not happy!! I can't wait to take Chris down there especially this summer. Here's some pictures of the kids.


{Mullins} said...

you are so talented! love the black and white most! she's a cute little thang!

Trevor & Taytum said...

You are always doing such fun things with your kid. What a good mommy! I cannot believe how big Mason has gotten! He is not a toddler anymore. I bet he says a ton of stuff now too.

Kevin & Bethany said...

That fountain looks like so much fun! I loved the pics.

Alexa Grant said...

soo cute i love them so much!! i love the pic of jayda as a stripper haha!!!