Sunday, March 30, 2008

Easter....a week later!

Yes I know I'm late as usual. I find myself taking pictures of something almost everyday, but by the time I get them from my camera to the computer, then edit them, and then post them, it's already been a couple days to a week later. Oh well I tell myself. At least I'm recording our life and one day when I'm older with Alzheimer's I won't care that the date is a little off because I won't be able to remember when it was that these things happened anyways so at least I'll have the memories to read and pictures to look at :) We just visited both of our families for Easter. Nothing too big to blog about, but I did want to share some pictures of the outfit my mom bought for our little monkey. The jacket was just to die for and she was so dang cute strutting around at church with it on. Everytime I'd go to take it off she'd want me to put it right back on.


Julie said...

Very cute. I love all of your pictures, especially the ones of the kids playing in the water. Those are great! I can't believe how much Colton's boy looks like him.

The Leals! said...

I love Jayda's little green dress! SO CUTE! And...her chubby cheeks like her MOM! HAHA! : )

Kathy's Boys said...

OK I hope you pass that green jacket down when I get
a granddaughter!! If I get one, you know those Peterson men just keep filling up their roster. Dang,
Jada is just so cute and YOU should be writing a column for some magazine or something. You write
so cute and it's always fun to see whats new on your
blog! Hey, does Savana blog? love ya

Trevor & Taytum said...

I liked the coat better than the dress! Then when I scrolled down and saw what you said I died laughing.