Friday, February 15, 2008

The Wonderful World of Sesame Street

For all of you out there that have children, Sesame Street has probably appeared in your life at some point in time. I have discovered....thanks to my wonderful Sister in law, "Sesame Street Karaoke"!!! My little monkey is mesmorized by this video and wants to watch it like 5 times a day. I can be sitting right next to her saying her name over and over and she won't even flinch or bat an eye in my direction. This is also a big help when I'm trying to get ready and don't want her into my makeup. So if you're pregnant and about to have a so many of my friends are right now, I suggest you get this movie for when the baby comes. When they get a little bit older they'll just love it.


Bailey Grant said...

"I got a new way to walk...WALK WALK"!!!! haha lol that is my favorite song on it :)


daveandlisa said...

That's hilarious. My little girl was that way with the Baby Mozart video. It was great cause I could sit her in front of it and go do whatever I wanted to do. You could always tell when it would end cause she would get fussy so I'd hit play again and she'd be just fine. Gotta love those kids videos.