Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"Leaves are falling all around"

We don't really have a fall or wintery season here in the valley of the sun, but the leaves on our orange trees do shed and fall off. My little girl loves to pick them up, crinkle, and tear them into shreds then toss the remaining bits into her walker. Wait till she realizes one day that I don't actually let her keep them and that I dump them out every time before we take it back inside.


Bailey Grant said...

cool pictures Denee'! I can totally see her doing that lol :)

she is so darn cute!!!


Bailey Grant said...

I know the background is cool!! So mom just saw these pictures and she thinks she looks so adorable haha!!

hey do you know sister stogdill's email because i want to add her blog but it won't let me??!!

write back love you


The Leals! said...

Oh my gosh Denee! I havent seen your baby since she was freakin born! SHe is so cute!!! You must have a good camara cuz those pictures look soooo nice and the colors are so vibrant! Anyways, Im glad you post something almost every day cuz I love reading it! You and Jada are so CUTE! : )

The Van Fam said...

Oh i love her! I just wish she loved me too! I showed Trey the pics and he loved her "bike".