Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Mexico Family Trip

My whole family went to Mexico this past week and we just got back on Sunday night. It was such a blast. The water was warm and the hotel was amazing. It is such a blessing to have parents like mine who not only are a blast to be around....(its like have another young couple around) but ones who do nice things for us like treat the whole family to a vacation in Mexico. We took over 300 pictures between my mom and I so I couldnt post them all but I hope everyone enjoys what I did put on the slideshow. Oh and sorry to my family down in Florida for not having the pictures up yesterday so you could all see them at Carlos and Tammy's but Jayda is sick and I had to take her to the doctors. Hope you guys are all having a blast down there too though!


Megan said...

Mexico looks sooo nice. Love all the pictures. Seems like everyone had fun. How was having 3 babies in the same hotel room? hope Jayda is feeling better.


Looks like the Las Palomas Resort in Rocky Point? Is this where you stayed? We've been to the same resort for 2 years in a row and it's one of the nicest ones there! Awesome photos as usual!