Monday, July 30, 2007

I got tagged!

Ok megan tagged me so i'll give this a go.... :)

4 Jobs I've Had:
*I worked at a Gym in the daycare center
*I worked at the airport for America West Express
*I worked for my dad's company OHS
*and I worked at ICE where they make intelligence programs and bombs for the government lol RANDOM!!!!!

4 Places I've Lived
*Mesa Arizona
*Blue Springs Missouri
*Crestview Florida
*Las Vegas

4 Favorite TV Shows
*King of Queens

4 Favorite Foods

4 Websites I frequent
*my email
*my blog and friends blogs
*guitar tab websites

4 Places I'd rather be right now
*Reading my book
*Back in Mexico
*On vacation with Chris
*The temple

4 Movies I love
*7Brides for 7Brothers
*Now and Then
*White Christmas

I tag.......
Jenny Workman


Trevor & Taytum said...

You can TRY to tag me, but I am way too fast!!! (so don't expect me to actually do it....please???)

Jenny said...

Oh you did not!! :) Hey, when are we getting together to take pictures and talk about coupons?

Megan said...

Loved reading all the Facts about you.