Thursday, January 4, 2007

Catch Up!

I haven't written in a couple days so I figured I should catch up on what's happened the past week or so. Well Our Christmas Eve party was fun this year.....different though. Shirley's whole clan wasnt there so it seemed kind of empty. Phil was also spending Christmas in Florida, so it wasnt the same without him either. It's always louder and crazy when Phil is around. Christmas day on the other hand was horrible for my whole family. It really didnt feel like Christmas AT ALL!! I was so bumbed. So after the party on Christmas Eve, Chris and I went home, and he left for work. I get up to feed Jayda around one in the morning or so and feel like I'm about to puke. So I call him and ask if there's any possible way that he could get off and come home to take care of Jayda because I had no idea what was going on with my body and I didnt want her getting sick. He was able to leave and when he got home, all of a sudden his cell rings and it's my mom. She said..."Are any of you sick at your house? Because Brooklyn, Bailey, and I are all throwing up and sick as a dog....and he said yeah Denee' is." Well come to find out, we all came down with the flu on Christmas Eve and day. Later that afternoon Chris and my dad came down with it as well....and then we found out that Shasta my cousin, got it too. So we all were hatin life lol.
Towards the end of the week for New Years, we had a family reunion on Chris's side. It was interesting because the entire time Chris and I have been married I've never met any of his family except for a couple of his cousins. It was a lot of fun hanging out and meeting them all. Leanne, Chris's sister worked for months on this movie/slideshow thing to show at the big family dinner we had up at our church building and it was histerical. Everybody loved it! We also were introduced this weekend to "Guitar Hero"!!! The most wonderful game on earth haha! We spent the entire weekend playing it, to the point that, when we went to bed all we could hear in our heads were the electric guitar! It was fabulous lol. New Years wasn't anything special for me. Chris had to work, as usual, so I was asleep in bed with Jayda when the clock struck twelve. I was fine with that though because I'm like a little kid, and love my sleep anyways. So now it's 2007, new years resolutions have been made, and it'll be exciting to see where this year takes us.

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