Friday, January 5, 2007

Yes, we pierced the little princesses ears! :) Against Chris's wishes and every place in the mall that will do em, I got it done! So, I wanted Jayda to be blingin for her Blessing debut on Sunday, so my best friend and I took her to the mall to get her ears pierced. We walk into the store and I tell the lady that I want to get my daughters ears pierced and she says..."How old is she?" "5 weeks" I said, and the lady was like I'm sorry but she has to be 2 months old. So we walk to the other end of the mall and go into another store and say, "I want to get my daughters ears pierced" and of course the lady says, "How old is she?" I say "2 months" haha thinking I was smarter this time, and so the lady says, "Does she have her blah blah blah shot?" (I forget the name of it) and I said no, and so she says then we can't pierce her ears. I turned to my friend and was like, NO WAY!! I was determined to get those babies done that day. Since we had some time we decided to go to fiesta mall instead. Now that we knew what the rules were and could lie our way past the store clerks haha! (Horrible I know, but hey, you do what you gotta do) So we go to fiesta mall, get into the store and of course the girl asks the same questions and THIS TIME we had ALL the right answers! :) Jayda was really good too, she only cried for a bit and as soon as it was over, I cuddled her and gave her, her lu lu and she was asleep again in a matter of minutes!

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