Friday, August 6, 2010

My Girls

These are my babies.

My beautiful girls.

I love them.  I love their chubby faces, their sweet personalities, and most of the time I simply love them just for their smell. 

The smell of Jaydas big girl perfume.  Mayas baby lotion lathered body and powdered bottom.  I love their laughs, how I see myself and Chris in them, and how they have changed our lives.

Leona is going to be born soon and I often lay around wondering what will she look like, this third girl of ours?  With one brown eyed brown haired baby girl, and one blue eyed blonde little thing, what will she look like?  What will her personality be like?  Will she be hilariously funny and spunky like Jayda?  Will she be instantly sweet from birth, and thoughtful and calculating like Maya?  Will she be anything like her great great grandmother Leona who she will be named after?  If so I will be eternally grateful, and if not I'm excited to see who she will become. 

Until then I'll keep loving these two, just as much as I have since the day they were born.  They make everyday so much fun. 


Jaime said...

VERY cute pics! :) I'm excited to see what Leona is going to look like too! Should be interesting. My first two look completely different and then my 3rd is a mix of the two.

shannon said...

Your girls are beautiful! That was a really sweet post:) I cant wait to have some baby girls too!

Anonymous said...

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