Sunday, May 31, 2009

The past 4 weeks

Life with 2 kids is so much fun. Yes you have less time for other things but so far it hasn't been too much of a big change. I love it! Maya is growing a lot faster than Jayda did and I think we'll have a chunker on our hands. :) She's sleeping a little longer during the night but we still have to get up once or twice to feed her. She's happy and healthy so the sleep for Chris and I can wait.....i guess! Jayda is hilarious. Does anyone else have a 2 and a half old right now? I thought my favorite stage was when she was about one or so but I think this age is my new favorite. We have the best conversations. Well I guess as good as it can get
with someone her size lol but still she cracks me up! And the best part is, she knows she's funny and that I'm laughing at her so she just keeps on going. Chris is doing great in school and only has til this time next year and he's done! Halleluja! But then it's on to get his Masters. Hey at least he's getting it all for free.

Now that it's summer I've been trying to be creative about activities for Jayda and I to do since it's hot outside and I can't take Maya out all day ever day since she's only a month. Her
favorites so far have been, playing with all the kids at the kid zone in the mall, she always asks to go to the "all" as she calls it. And she loves to go to the zoo and play at the water park spot, she really could care less about the animals lol, and going to the neighborhood pool down the street. She is truly my daughter and getting darker by the day. I was black as a child from swimming all the time and I have a feeling at the rate the summer is going so far Jayda will be too.


Jaime said...

You're pretty ambitious having a new baby and treking around the valley for fun stuff to do! :)

The Van Fam said...

Jayda is huge! And I agree, the conversations are great! Sometimes I'm like where do they learn these things? They have like grown up conversations! We love the zoo too! Miss you girl.