Thursday, March 12, 2009

From Lehi to Queen Creek

It's taken me almost the entire week to get around to posting this and the new weekend is upon us so I thought I'd better post before I forgot, AGAIN! Well the weekend before we went to Lehi, saw the horses, hit up the Orange Patch and had a fun time. This weekend we decided to head south and go to Queen Creek. There's this Olive Mill that I've been wanting to stop at for months now so we finally went. Yeah who knew that Arizona had an Olive Mill, let alone one thats mentioned on the travel channel. For any of you who haven't been out there I recommend it.

When you drive up there's a sign that says something like See, Eat, and Repeat. Not the exact verbage but something like that. You can take a tour of the Olive Mill and they show you how they grow all there olives, and pick, and process them, and then how it's made into the olive oil and stuff. When you first walk in the door the walls are lined with different olives you can taste. Some are even stuffed with feta or other things. I loved the feta one. Yes I know I'm not supposed to have feta cheese when I'm pregnant but I figured One Olive was fine :) They also have a section where they have tons of wines which we obviously could care less about. A section where they sold bath stuff like soaps and things. Then there's the Olive Oil room. It was like a shrine to olive oil. Shelves and shelves of the stuff. They all had lables next to the different types saying what they could be used for. Dipping, dressings, cooking, each one had a different purpose or specialty. I even saw a mexican lime flavored olive oil. Who would've thought? There is a yummy restaurant/cafe that's really good too. They had sandwiches, pasta salads, breads, salads and my favorite was the gelato. I think it was chocolate caramel that I decided on although I know Chris was secretly hoping I'd pick the butter pecan for him to eat on.

It was such a nice day. Jayda and I scouted out the perfect spot outside under a shaded picnic table. A man was playing Italian sounding music on an accordion and when he wasn't playing there was music playing over the speakers. I loved it.

Chris and I normally try something different so we can each have a taste but for some reason, this time we both ended up with the same thing. It was a yummy sandwich on a panini and the best tomato, cucumber, feta, onion and olive salad on the side.

Jayda on the other hand had a lunchable. I know, great mom huh? But hey it's what she wanted and fine by me.

Jayda was sportin her new shoes grandpa gave her. She LOVED them.

Her monies as she calls it that grandpa filled her pockets with.

Jayda is a serious artist. She first tastes her water......

Then she tests out the feel of it.......

Then she paints with the same water...........I guess like the Olive Mill her slogan would be Taste, Test, Repeat.

She quickly made friends and climbed trees and played tag with these 2 other little girls. It was nice that they just have all the tables on a huge lawn area. We ate, she played.

I tried to steal a smooch, that's the face I got!

It was another fun weekend. I love checking out new places and can't wait to see where we end up this coming weekend.


Misty Lee said...

i love the pic with the monies! adorable!

Kathy's Boys said...

Next I come, you'll have to take me there! But first we have to stop by the Orange Patch for the best ever
Malt Balls!! Cute pictures of Jayda!

Tami and Jamey said...

We love that place!! It is only 6 minutes away from my house. Next time give me a call!!