Thursday, February 19, 2009

19 days of fun!

Ok so remember a couple posts back how I said the circus was in town well lucky for me....AGAIN Leanne posted about all our events that transpired over the past 19 days so I luckily didn't have to write it all out. Thanks again Nan :)

Connie came and was here for 19 fun filled days! We played and played and ate fruit loops, Toffee-ettes and cheesepuffs. Random, I know. Now you see why I haven't been blogging! I did however, set up a blog for Connie "my traveling circus". So, I guess I got some bloggin done, just not my own! We fought and fought for her to just stay until spring break, but she said something about needing to get back to her life. Blah, Blah, Blah! After staying somewhere for 19 days, do you really have a life elsewhere?? I decided she's just a winter vistor. She needs to just buy a freakin house here and get it over with already! Emily is having to take too many 'personal days' from school. She's been absent for 7 of the 18 days in February. It's only kindergarten, right?Here are some of the highlights:-Ty's baby blessing (it was really sweet, even though he kinda looks like a mad little china-man in this pic)
-Ray Family Celebration (our quarterly family get-together)
-Malts (of course)
-Valentine party (Tanner seemed a little confused as to why there were clothes left at the door by an anonymous 'valentine'.
We had to explain that's our family tradition. Your 'valentine' knocks at the door and secretly leaves you a valentine pair of jammies and goodies.

His response: "My family Jewed us! All we got were random spankings!" That just may be my favorite valentine quote forever.)
-Nonstop outside playing in the gorgeous weather.
-Being able to share my TV friends with Connie in person and NOT over the phone.
-Village Family Home Evening with some special guests!
-Endless candy

-See's Toffee-ettes
-Watching Connie devour several boxes of Fruit Loops. What the heck, Con.
-Baby Ty
-Jack finally warming up to me on the 18th day of their stay.
ooh! i just wanna eat him up!
-Shaylee's sassyness (She's my hero.)
-Emily learning how to ride a bike in approxiametly 5 seconds. (It was like nursery all over again. She went off like nothing happened and I cried because she doesn't need me!)
-Connie replacing my 15 year old balloon pump that Jack broke in 15 seconds.
-Missing drywall from very strong 5 year olds.
-A broken lamp.
-A broken CD player.
-A broken basketball hoop.
-Connie telling Jack to stop touching and breaking things or daddy will start asking questions about all the paypal withdrawals.
-Shaylee informing that I should probably get up and charge my camera if I want to get Emily's bike riding on film. Sass.
-Connie cleaning my bathroom vanity with a toothbrush. Sniff, sniffle. I'll never forget it!
-Connie cleaning Emily's room after the hurricane of 5 year olds. (It won't get that clean until you come back, Con.)
-And me having a playmate EVERY SINGLE DAY! Pretty much the most awesome thing ever!
-But my all-time favorite highlight was this moment:When Chris asked Jayda if she would like a taste of malt, and Jayda replied by reaching into the little, pink purse being carried preciously on her arm, and pulled out an entire slice of pizza, "No, daddy, I gotta pizza!"
That was awesome. After that she decided it was easier to take bites if she walked the pizza slice around in a baby stroller instead of trying to take it in and out of the purse.
I just LOVE that little girl!
-All in all, a super super fun month. Can't wait to do it again in two weeks!!Just like Emily is saying below... Stangers, We heart you!


Anonymous said...

you gotta copy my newly edited version. it has a few more pics! :)

tessa said...

Love the pizza story:) That's what purses are for, right?

Tanner and Andrea said...

your new little nephew is soo beautiful. I just wanna squeeze him :)