Tuesday, June 3, 2008


My parents rock! When we were younger we had this swing in our back yard and all of us kids loved it. We'd sleep on it, go outside to talk on the phone on it like it was our private area or something even though someone was probably listening out the window anyways, for Alexa it was her stage or jungle gym, and occasionally we'd use it for the purpose it's intended. We'd swing and just talk as a family and we loved it. Well this year for my birthday my parents gave me a swing just like the one we had. I LOVE IT. I can actually enjoy letting my little one play outside now because I have somewhere comfortable to sit. It'll be lonely for the next couple months since I DO NOT plan on swinging outside in 110 degree weather but come fall and winter it'll be my new best friend again.

This picture is so weird to me because I don't think I have one where I'm sitting with my mother and my little one is sitting with hers. I love it

My monkey loves her great grandma living next door. She could hear us all talking in the yard so we yelled over the fence for her to come over, I'll never get over how fun it is to be able to do that.

Out of everything cute in this picture I can't focus on that sweet smile my monkey has because of that tag on the pillow. I'm so annoyed that its in the picture, and I'm so annoyed I didnt notice to cut it off right away

Of course all smiles, until it's time to take an actual family photo. I love how you can see my mom and 2 sisters in the reflection

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