Thursday, June 5, 2008


Do you ever wonder where in the heck your kids get their personalities from? Everyday that thought comes into my mind. Looks, you can pretty much pin point that. They either look like you or more like their dad. But when your child is funnier than both you or their dad, more intense, sweeter at times, so dang smart for such a little person where does that all come from? Like for instance when you ask an 18 month old as a threat if they wanna sit in time out and they give you this side ways smile like....."Oh mom you wouldn't send sweet little old me to time out, would you?" Or all of a sudden start bringing you a diaper when they have gone to the bathroom and need a change. Or getting asked words in Spanish or English and her pretty much knowing and pointing to exactly what we were talking about. WHAT THE HECK!?! Where do they learn these things? I'd like to think I'm the mother of the year but that would be so far from the truth. Either way it's so fun how these little ones catch on and learn. I love their little personalities and on this day my monkey was posing like she was in some photo shoot for a baby magazine or something. Notice how she's working the glasses throughout the different pictures. I'm almost positive she learned this little trick from her older and funnier cousin next door. These are her favorite pair of sunglasses and when she first put them on she held her face so still and when you'd ask her a question she wouldn't move her head to answer you she'd look out the corner of her eyes in your direction so she wouldn't have to move. Now that she knows they won't fall off unless you pull them, she's turned into little Ms. Superstar. I think we're in for it with this Sassy little girl.


The Leals! said...

I know what she gets from you Denee! Her cheeks!! haha!

Family of 5 said...

We live in Midway/Heber City. It is 25 north of Provo, and 15 miles south of Park City. And not to brag or anything :) but it is probably the most beautiful place in the state. If you ever wanna visit give me a call we would love to have you! Jada is darling by the way.