Thursday, May 8, 2008

Exercise or an act of service??

I completely forgot to post this when it happened so here's how it went. Please note that Grandpa is 85 years old. Only by body standards not by personality or mind. :)

Knock, knock, knock!!!

Me: Hey Grandpa what you doin?

GPa: Can I get some exercise in your backyard?

Me: (Confused, thinking what could that possibly entail) Sure, did you wanna pick some lemons or something?

GPa: I was wondering if I could mow your lawn for you.

Me: (Totally feeling like an idiot. Of course he wouldn't wanna pick the lemons, I don't even like picking the lemons with all those darn thorns) No you may not mow our lawn Grandpa, that's for Chris to do and he'd kill me if he knew I let you mow it.

Gpa: Oh please, I'd really like to do it before Chris gets home from work and I could use the exercise. I don't get to do much anymore. Please, would you just let me do this?

Me: (Heart wrenching, turmoil twisting, wanting to say yes and no all at the same time) But Grandpa there's not any grass to mow. It's pretty much scalped and just a little weeds here and there.

Gpa: Please!?!

Me: (No you can't, I already told you! And that's my final answer) Ok :) But don't you tell Chris I agreed. I'm saying you did it without me knowing.

Gpa: (Wink and a Smile)

The next thing I know, this is what I see.

He also pulled the weeds out of our rocks along the side of our house. Grandpa isn't all that steady anymore, bless his heart, but boy he used that wall for some help and he worked away. All the while I'm inside dying with the inner turmoil of allowing an 85 year old man to do my yard work for us. Uggghh!! Nevertheless we are so grateful for him and grandma. I know I've said it before on here, but I'll say it again. What a treat and a blessing it is to live right next door to them. They teach us so much and are so fun to have as neighbors. So Thanks again Grandpa :)


Bailey Grant said...

He seriosly is the sweetest guy ever! I love him lol he always is so happy and he has the funniest storys haha :)

chris is lucky to have a grandpa like him!!!


Todd, Christy, and Co. said...

I love Grandparents! They are the cutest things ever! Love the story!

Jenny said...

I wish I could live next door to them. You really are lucky!

The Van Fam said...

You have the funniest most random grandpas in the world. This is the funniest story and that picture is priceless! Ha you should post pictures of papa in St. Johns from when he made kels pass out.

Daniel and Carly Erickson said...

That is so sweet! If it makes you feel any better, when my Dad was bishop, Brother Hansen used to sneak to our house and do yard work for us, and I think he might even be older than that! (Do you remember him--he isn't exactly a spring chicken?) He did it for weeks before we even caught him in the act, so at least you got to enjoy the service face to face. :)

Cara said...

I'm so jealous you guys live so close to them - I love that you post about it so we can kind of feel like we see them more often :) As always, love the pictures!