Saturday, March 1, 2008

Marriage for Time and All Eternity

We had the opportunity to go to a friend of Chris's sealing yesterday morning. I always find such peace within the walls of the temple and yesterday was no different. When the sealer was talking to the couple who were about to be sealed for time and all eternity I looked up at my Chris and thought to myself how happy I am. I'm so grateful to know that we can be together forever, and I love the opportunities that we have had to go together to do sealings for those who never had that opportunity while in this life. I have a sister in law who will be getting married next month. I'm so excited for her and her fiance, because I know what a joy and blessing this will be in their lives like it has been in so many other lives of couples who have had the opportunity and blessing to be sealed together for Time and All Eternity.

I will never forget that day!


kckelley said...

Hey Denee', What's up?
Awhile back you sent me a link to your web site but I hadn't been on it for a long time. I just wanted to tell you how adorable your little girl is and how incredible I think your photos are. Great job! Isn't it so fun! I love it when I take a great photo. Are you shooting with film still or digital also?
Take it easy and I told Heather a couple of weeks ago to call me when you both go to lunch, I would love to see you!
Lots of love from your old YW leader!
Karen Kelley

Alexa Grant said...

aww look at the happy couple!! jk jk i love you both!

{Mullins} said...

that's a cool pic! i love the mesa temple, we got sealed there as well...i drug nate away from his beloved bountiful temple!

The Hulsey Family said...

Beautiful pics!

Linda said...

You two make a beautiful couple. I love the picture!

The Leals! said...

Cute! Me and my hubby are going to get sealed in like a month! Woohoo!!! : )