Thursday, February 28, 2008

Park Day

My ward has a park day every week where the women can go and meet each other and just talk and hang out while the kids play. It's a really cool thing and now that the weather has been so nice we decided to go yesterday. My 2 sister in laws and their kids went too. We set out some blankets, ate lunch and had some snacks. My little monkey loved it and was so excited to see her cousins Monkey's 2 & 3 :) Allow me take you through the excitement of it all! Because you know at park day there's bound to be some high level of excitement!

It all started out in the sand. I was of course not a part of this. I love sand, but only if it's wet. Otherwise it's too dusty and dirty, I didn't even want to walk in it with my flip flops on to take pictures that's how weird I am about non-wet sand. Yes I'm a freak I know.

We then turned to the swings. My little man of a nephew had never been in a swing before so we tried to capture his first expressions but he just laughed that raspy laugh of his with no smile. Go figure.

My little monkey on the other hand LOVES the swings and she had every expression available to make up for her cousin.

Then we tried the big kids swing while monkey 3 tried the tire swing. Yes we took this playground in stages :)

This is the point where Monkey #3 figured out she could stand on the tire swing instead of just sitting there going in circles making her self sick. Which to tell you the truth probably wouldn't have bothered her much anyway lol So she decided to start yelling for her mom to watch, and I mean yelling over and over and over again because like most mothers they get caught up talking and tune their yelling children out. I just started snapping the footage of it. It was cracking me up.

Moving on to the slide now. If you'll please take notice of the nasty stain dripping down the slide up top. This would be the reason for my little sister taking the monkey down the slide instead of her own mother. Please also take notice of the intense expression on Monkey #3's face as she tries to figure out how she's going to get past to be first in line. You can see both of her shoes straddling my sisters sides, while she tries to explain to monkey #3 that she'll get her turn. :) I love Monkey #3 There's never a dull moment.

Now that everythings settled they were all smiles and ready to go!

And they're off!

This is the intense express Monkey #3 got as soon as the gates were opened.

Now back to the big picture

This is the zoomed in expression of my little monkey. Yeah.....not so sure is right!

Oh, but Monkey #3 loved it! Check out that face :)

I think she was asking what next?

After checking the sand for anything conspicuous, we stopped for some feet in the sand action. She wasn't too sure, just like her mother, and spent the next couple minutes with her foot in the air trying to get the sand to drop out from between her toes. That's right baby girl we'll just stick to the wet stuff at the beach and the lake.

She noticed my sister in the slide above her and realized she wasn't being a part of something fun so proceeded to yell at her till she got her way............

This being the end result!

I'm sure she was saying to herself right here, if I smile I always get my way.

I love park day!!!!

I just like the coloring in this pic lol and the color of her shirt that's the only need for this one in the post.


Abram and Ashley said...

Parks are so much fun! My ward does a park day too!
My girls are 3 and 1. Everyone says my little one looks like Bethany so I'm guessing that she gets the blonde hair from that side of the family!

Tami said...

Ahh I miss that park. When we lived over there I used to take Hayden there all the time. Its a cool park. Looking at your pictures reminds me off all the pictures I have of Hayden there too. Cute!

Kevin & Bethany said...

Looks like quite a fun adventure! I don't trust Kennedy in the sand yet. She still sticks everything in her mouth first. Question: do your sisters ever go to school?

Julie said...

Very cute! We too have ventured to the park this week. Nice weather, but will it last!? I think you were asking about the girl we watched play basketball, that is our niece, Jenna. Butch is the youngest, so he has nieces and nephews that are not too far after him. The oldest nephew is 19.. so pretty much we are just Julie and Butch, not aunt and uncle. But if you are talking about the one in the Rock band picture, that is my sister-in-law Rachel. Sorry, can't remember which one u asked about and I dont want to go back. ;)

Trevor & Taytum said...

That is such a good idea to have a park day! I never would have thought of that. I wonder if it could catch on here....

daveandlisa said...

So much fun. I love all the pics. You're just like me in that we both take a million pics no matter what the occasion is. I love photography too. My mother in law and I used to have fun doing it together (til I moved across the country) shooting weddings and stuff. But I much prefer just shooting for fun. Plus I'm lost without her cause I can take the pics just fine, but I suck at positioning people and telling them what to do. That was always her job. Anytime it were left up to me I would just say "ok do something cool and I'll take the pic." Doesn't go over so well usually. Anyway, this was a long way of saying I like looking at all the pics that you take. Oh! And to answer your question from my blog, yeah I actually did kind of like the Hannah Montana concert. She puts on a good show. And my son absolutely loved it. He keeps telling me all the time that he really wishes that he could go see her live sometime. Unfortunately we're too poor for that and by the time we can afford it I'm sure he'll long since have forgotten about Hannah Montana. For now we'll settle for fake theater concert. And since you confessed to me, I'll confess to you. I kind of like her music too. It's catchy I guess. Who knows? At least I have my son I can hide behind and use as my excuse to listen to the music so people don't look at me funny. :)

{Mullins} said...

i keep hearing about park day, our last ward had one but no one ever went. we do nana's day on wednesdays but next time my mom takes her to a dr appt, we'll come to the park instead. looks like a blast!