Tuesday, March 25, 2008

2 in the Family!!

When I was on my mission in England I had to come home early. I was in a car accident with my companion and I broke my jaw in 2 different places. Up until this past weekend I could proudly claim I was the only kid in our family who's ever broken a bone. Well, I guess as proud as one person can get about something like that :) We were just hanging out with Chris's family as usual and my little sister called:

Alexa: Hey can you guys come over!!!!! We were playing at our friends and Bailey hurt her arm.

and it doesn't look right!

Me: Ughhh Where's Mom & Dad??

Alexa: They are at Uncle Bobby's (about 35-40min from the house lol)

Me: Well of course I will but duh call mom and see what she says first. She's your mother and

probably will want to know too lol then call me back if she wants me to go over there.

10 minutes later..........

Sis. Thomas: Hi we're taking Bailey home could you guys come give her a blessing?

Me: Sure we'll be right there! (panic, thoughts racing, why is a parent calling me instead of my

sister?? This has got to be serious now)

So we leave my little monkey with my sister in law and go quickly over the hill to my parents house. Luckily my other sister was having a BBQ. We walked in just as all of her guy friends were finishing giving her a blessing. As soon as Chris and I saw her arm we knew it was broken. YUCK!! Is all I can say about that sort of thing. Her wrist had a lump hanging down underneath, and a bump sticking out up top! My mom had me take her to the hospital emergency room and get her signed in and everything until they could get there. For someone who has anxiety like Bailey she sure was calm and handling everything really well. She said that it was killing her but as soon as she got a blessing it was suddenly bearable. What a testimony for a 15 year old of the power of the priesthood. Anyways this all happened around 8pm. Finally 9 hours later my parents took her home at 5am with it in a sling and a temporary cast. Mind you, within those 9 hours was some traumatic experiences of pain meds, the popping back into place and other things that I don't wish to share. My mom said it was pretty crazy to watch and traumatic.

She ended up breaking it in 2 different places, fractured it in another and also chipped some of the bone in another spot! I guess she has me beat now since I only had my jaw broken in 2 spots and she had 4 things happen to her wrist lol.

This is what it looked like before

And this is it now!


The Frost Family said...

Oh man, that's terrible. The priesthood is an amazing thing. Man, I couldn't even begin to imagine what it must of been like to break your jaw. I've been lucky so far, no broken bones. I'll keep my figures crossed.

The Van Fam said...

Oh my gosh! Poor girl! I can't even imagine how bad that would hurt! That is such a cool story about the power of preiesthood though!

tiffany knox said...

aaaaahhh! SO SORRY TO HEAR THAT!it sounds painful. I am so squeamish!

Trevor & Taytum said...

Ugh! Not fun. I have never broken anything so I can only imagine how much it must truly SUCK!