Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Zoo Trip!!

My mom was nice enough to invite us all to the zoo today and we had so much fun. It was the little monkeys first time and my niece and nephew too. They got a little tired, as 1 year olds do without a nap and walking around seeing strange animals all day, but yet they were still surprisingly happy and great. I've posted a ton of pictures because I just couldn't pick a couple, so feel free to look or stop at any time. :)

I think these two had something in common lol

I had to take this picture for my nephew b/c at the beginning of the day I told him that giraffes tongues were black, so from that point on he kept telling me mom that all the animals tongues were black.

My monkey loves loves loves birds and these two stopped right in front of her. I thought she was going to die she was so happy.

This is the usual position for her little feet. She always has them crossed, even in my sonogram pictures before she was born she had them crossed. It always makes me laugh.

It was Uncle Bobby's first time to the zoo during the day. And what a perfect day to go the weather was beautiful.

This turtle has been at the Phoenix Zoo since my parents brought my brother and I here when I was just born and my brother was 2.

This poor girl needed some lotion

I had to take a picture of this.....I don't know who that kid is but his head was in perfect position to compare how big that parana was!! Good job kid! lol My nephew kept trying to stick his hand in so I had to tell him it'd bite his hand off.....that stopped him real quick!

Little miss priss and her jelly shoes lol her buns were so cute in her new capri's too!

I loved this picture of her with the giraffe in the back. She kept wanting to get down to stand like the big kids, all by herself to look.

I didnt have to zoom, these monkies were right above me it was awesome! This is probably one of the favorite exhibits for the zoo.


The Frost Family said...

How fun!! We're planning on taking Marissa to the zoo for her birthday in a couple of weeks. We decided she has way to many toys as it is, we don't want to add to the already over flowing toy closet. Oh yeah, your camera is amazing! All your pictures look great! I'm so jealous, I could use a new camera.

Kevin & Bethany said...

Hey Denee!! I found you. I know, I've been in a strange mood today, so I've been blog hopping/spying. It's great to finally see pictures of your beautiful girl!!

{Mullins} said...

k you have an awesome camera AND a knack for takin pics! they're all amazing!

Cara said...

How fun to be able to take such awesome pictures!!

Abram and Ashley said...

Hi Denee! I found you from Bethany's blog! Your daughter is a cutie!