Saturday, February 2, 2008

Isn't it Ironic?

Cars. Such a nice convenience but doesn't it seem like somethings always wrong with them? I could go on for hours about all the things that need to be fixed on our good old car but here is a funny story for you. Ok well it's probably not funny to anyone else other than our family, but it's ironic at least. :) We were headed out last night and had the little one strapped in her car seat and go to start the car and....nothing! It won't even turn over. We called Chris's parents, who happened to be in the auto department at walmart. What are the odds lol so they bought us a battery and were bringing it home. A little bit later we get a call. Chris's parents were just on the corner by our house and their car died too!! NO WAY! So Chris takes one of their other cars and goes to pick them up. So now we both have dead batteries. While the boys start taking care of things and towing the cars back and switching the batteries out, my mother in law tells us that my brother in law fish tailed his car in the snow and ran into the median or something. He is ok but that it bumped his battery outta place, or messed it up or something hahahahaha We were like, join the club. Seriously? What are the odds that all our family had battery issues last night? I just thought it was pretty funny.


The Van Fam said...

Dang that stinks! But that is a totally ironic story though! I hate cars, seriously! Did you get your window fixed?

Bailey Grant said...

haha good ol' alero LoL :)

tiffany knox said...

hey !
if you tried to visit my page and couldnt its because I had to go private because of some unwanted readers.PLEASE leave me your email if you want to view our family blog
email me at to leave it!
thanks and good luck with the car!

Bailey Grant said...

hey put the pictures up of jayda in her crib k! :)

Trevor & Taytum said...

And to add to the crappy car story...Trevor's truck is having issues. But, we are pretty sure it's a fuel pump problem not a battery. What are the odds that we would all have problems at the same time.