Sunday, July 15, 2007

Jones Family Home Evening Night!!

We had a special Family Home Evening with my moms side of the family. About a month ago my parents and little sister Alexa went on the trek and had a wonderful time might I add :) Well the family wanted a report on the trip so we held a special family home evening so they could tell us all about their experiences. We couldnt get the dvd from their trek so we just watched the trek dvd from Brooklyn's year! It was a lot of fun, and always great to be together as a family. This picture of Jayda is after she had her a little catnap so she could be ready for round 2 of the party.....hence the cheesy little grin she has going on! :)

Josh was really popular with the little kids, as you can see. What isnt pictured, is all of the babies he held as well. He had a go with, Brinley, Olivia, and Jayda. I think the only child he didnt tackle was Ashton and Talmage!

This is my mom explaining to everyone about the trek, can you notice the prop next to her and the video that's on the TV? lol oh man

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Megan said...

Way to capture the fun that is a Jones family Function! Gotta love how Josh just picked up a kid and played with them!