Thursday, July 12, 2007

Girls Camp 2007


Megan said...

yea!! girls camp! ALWAYS a good time! what did you do with the babe? Love the slide show. See you at the jones family whatever tomorrow! =)

ulmer family said...

Girls camp was fun, but if able post the video of our pranks.

Rachel said...

Were you the girls camp director? I got called and could use any bit of help! You posted on my sister in law julie's blog and I linked to yours. Funny thing is that I am totally in your stake! I recognized some of the people. SO if you could give me any pointers of what worked what didnt that would be a huge help! I can send my email address if you want. Thank you so much! Rachel
p.s. Is your dad a grant? I totally remember him from St. Johns but was trying to figure out the relationship. Small world