Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Weekend of Craziness!

Oh What A Fun weekend this was :) Jayda started out looking like this....a happy go lucky little girl with a smile on her face and ready to go anywhere with mom and dad.....and this what she looked like after at the end of the weekend lol chipped toenail polish and all!! :) We went and ran errands and went to my nephew Mason's birthday party out in Queen Creek, but Needless to say Bass Pro Shops opened this weekend and Chris was ready to go at dawn. He has been waiting months and months and was so annoyed with me b/c I took forever to get ready saturday morning so we could get down there. That place is AWESOME!! I've been to the one is Destin Florida where my family is from but it was no where near this big or as exciting either. When you walked in it felt like Disneyland, no joke! And I'm not even into all that hunting and fishing stuff. It felt like so much was going on and that there was so much to see that you couldnt even take it all in. I even saw a stuffed (real at one time) lion lol and water buffalo, all this crazy stuff. They had a stream and waterfall that ran throughout the whole place. A huge aquarium with fish bigger than half my body in it! There was a resturant and fudge shop, arcades galore! :)Anyone who doesnt live down here in Mesa needs to stop by next time youre down it's so much fun!


Trevor & Taytum said...

That place is nuts! Tell Chris you have an excuse for taking a long time to get ready. It's called Jayda!

Julie said...

That looks like tons of fun. Sorry I am just getting back to you, between camping and trying to build a website, where does the time go! Hehe.. but anyway, on adding music... go to my blog and underneath my music player (which is pink and on the left side of the screen) click create a playlist. It will take you to There on the top left side of the screen in blue is a link that says ma account. Click that. Then it will let you create a log in and a playlist. Once you've created it, it will give you a "code" to copy and paste into blogger. Now on blogger, you log in, go to customize and on the page where you can edit your page elements, you add a new page element and it's the one that I believe says javascript/html. You paste the code into there and save it and you're set. Then, when you want to change songs you click create a playlist again and log in. When you save your play list again any other time after you have saved it, you don't have to add it again to blogger, it will automatically update it. Hope that helps. If it doesn't.. email me or we can set up a time to chat on messenger or something! Talk to you later.. love ya,

Bailey Grant said...

haha chris BROKE HIS SHOE hehe i love him!

give a big kiss to jayda for me!