Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Alexa and Willy!

These are just some pictures of my little sister Alexa and one of hers and Bailey's best friends Wilsynn. They wanted some cute pictures taken of them so we went out and did it. It was a lot of fun, but so incredibly HOT!! I wish Bailey could've come too. I'm thinking that taking pictures this fall and winter is going to be so nice, but either way it was worth it and they turned out great. It's weird looking at these pictures though b/c I realize how old Alexa looks and I can't believe "the girls" as we call them but meaning my little twin sisters Alexa and Bailey, how old they are. They just turned 14 and that totally freaks me out. They'll be freshman next year!! I feel like they should always be little girls, but I love them and I'm excited they are having fun being the little teenagers now. I dont know why I felt the need to go off on a tangent about my little sisters but oh well there ya go :)


Trevor & Taytum said...

You are getting pretty good with that camera of yours. I'm afraid that your photography skills are out-doing mine! Oh well, I never claimed to be professional.

The Hulsey Family said...

Nice pics!!! I can't believe how much Alexa looks like you in one of those pictures!!


Your blog rocks!!! Great photography!!! Beautiful family!!!
Thanks for sharing!!! :)