Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas Wishes!!

The gingerbread houses are done, we've gone to see the christmas lights at the temple, almost all the shopping has been done, and now all that's left of this years christmas season is our loud and crazy christmas eve party! It's kinda sad. Christmas just flew by this year and I'm not ready for it to be over. It will be quite funny though to see Chris seek his revenge on Undle Marion this year lol. He's been bitter since last year about Marion stealing the gift he wanted during the white elephant game. I guarantee Chris won't be as niave this year, so Marion better watch out.
The most wonderful gift I could have ever received for Christmas came early this year, but I'm so glad she did. Jayda has been such a blessing in our lives so far, that I can't even imagine how much our love for her is going to grow. Everyday is something new, and I feel so excited to be her mother and to get to see her grow and learn new things. From day one, you could see her little personality. She is a very easy going, and loveable little girl, but I see hints of myself in her when she gets a little her dad says, "I can't wait to see the fights you two are going to have because you're both little firecrackers!" But I think we'll do just fine, I gave my mom heck growing up, and we have a wonderful relationship now, so it'd only be right for Jayda to do the same thing to me that I did to my mom. So bring it on little girl lol!

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