Saturday, August 21, 2010

Growing Up


Wouldn't you wanna grow up like this?  Your quilt, a bowl of puppy chow, and cartoons?

Well I did too :)  My mom used to give me a measuring cup with chocolate chips in it to keep my younger sister Brooklyn entertained in the mornings and thanks to her great thinking and those fond memories of chocolate in the morning I've now passed that onto to my girls.

"Hey Jayda can you take care of Maya while mommy gets ready?" lol heres some puppy chow

Works like a charm! 

Love being these kids mom. 

And thanks to my own mother, you ROCK!


taytum said...

Yes! I so do this! Here Brody, have some juice and grapes and watch handy manny while I do my hair! Sometimes I really love the tv!

Kelli said...

haha i LOVE this pic! i laughed out loud when i saw it. that bed head hair. too cute!!