Friday, April 2, 2010


I haven't written on here in a month but have planned too and even taken pictures throughout the month to post on here but it just always is such a hastle to me to plug my camera into the computer and do the whole upload and blogging thing lol so I'll just update real fast on our little family. 

Chris is finishing up his bachelors and will graduate May 1st and will go right into his Masters
I am chugging right along in this pregnancy and we find out what we're having on April 15th. Everyone is thinking it's a boy and hoping its a boy as well.  I haven't been sick at all which is normal for me but naps are my friend :)  which is FINE BY ME I also turn 26 in April and suddenly feel my 20's slipping by sorry leanne but when i hit that 30 mark i'm gonna feel old like you :)
Jayda is excited for the summer.  She's so happy aunt Brooklyn comes home in June.  She is excited for the 2 camping trips planned, a trip to the beach, and Pioneer Days in St. Johns where she is anxiously awaiting being sprayed by the fire truck during the parade again.  That was her favorite part.....that and the million snow cones we ate.  

Maya is turning 1 in April which is crazy that time has flown that fast.  She stood for the first time yesterday and the fact that she was doing it alone registering across her face was priceless.  Almost as priceless as Jaydas she was like ummmmm is she supposed to do that? lol I hope to have her walking in the next month.  We'll see!  

All in all we're doing great.  Hope everyone else is too.  Happy Easter and conference watching!


Julie said...

I am so happy for you guys! I hope you have a little boy, but if not then we can have three little girls together! I am doing about like you with the blogging, just can't make myself connect the camera, but hey, when your prego, everything kind of seems like more of a chore!

mashby said...

What the, whaaaaat!??! Congrats girl!! :) I hope it's a boy - they are so much fun! Let's get together soon...

tessa said...

Wow, haven't been by in awhile. What wonderful news!

Leanne said...

*GaSp* RuuUUUUuuuude! haha ;)