Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rain and Snow

Its raining here.  A lot.  And to take my mind off of the water stains that have seeped through the roof and are now an ugly spot over my bed to be exact, which will result in exasperated groans and worries from Chris about fixing it before it falls in over our head or drips like a torturing device one drop at a time, I decided to post.

To post about going to the snow, which ended up being fantastic, solely because of one phenomenal event shown here....

but before you watch let me preface the situation for you.  Alexa is the gullible one in our family.  To the extreme.  We used to say "Alexa we'll count and see how fast you can go get (whatever the item was) when we were little just so she'd do things for us bless her heart, and guess what it still works lol.  We'll still tell her we're going to count and when she runs off we obviously stop counting til she rounds the corner again which is when we start counting at a random number like..."whoa alexa you're fast" :)  We absolutely love her, and love the trait which she carries.  She makes life so fun.

Well we told her she needed a picture taken with her lovely snowman, while the rest of us knew I was going to tackle her while bailey and my mom filmed.  The rest is history.

This was Jaydas first time playing in the snow and she LOVED it.  She mostly loved grandpa being her sled dog but thats a whole other spoiled rotten tale in and of itself :)



 Pure joy on that face


 Jayda and my nephew Mason


 Did I also mention that since it's raining we were having a dance party in my bathroom?  I tell Jayda, "Look this is my new move!"

At which point she attempts to roll her eyes and says "You shouldn't do dat mom, it goes like this" which is when she showed me how I should've really been doing the dance move.

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tessa said...

Loved the video. She's a good sport that sister of yours:) I think our most recent blog entry is snow too. it's just so fun for us that don't live in it, huh?