Saturday, October 24, 2009

When swines flu....


Well they have!  We have been sick with the oink oink for a week now and are finally coming down from the mess.  A big shout out to our boy Ty woot woot for seeing us and helping us get better.(did that sound cool? My niece informed me months ago that I'm old and not cool anymore when she shunned me at her elementary school for saying hi to her when she was with her friends and I've never been the same since lol)

Anyway, as I was editing pics from my shoot last weekend I though of how we wish we felt as beautiful and as warm as this little girl looks in this  pic but give us a few days.  This thing was a BEAST!  No more nursery for Jayda till the toys have been bathed in bleach and the flu bug is gone.  She goes to primary in 2 months anyway, you think they'd notice if she didn't go til then? No? ok me either.  Her nursery leader ROCKS and I just love her to death.  She is good for those kids.  Shout out to you too Sister...You know who you are, woot woot!!!  (I'm secretly hoping Emily will read this and think I'm cool again, if anything I should get points for mentioning her personally in this post.  Nan if you read this pass it on.....basset hound!!) 

I'm out


I think i'll try going by that to add bonus cool points


Julie said...

Oh man! That totally stinks! I am so worried about that stuff being prego and all! How did your little ones fair?

Misty Lee said...

haha that is pretty tough! um how old is your niece again lol, oh ur cool, you know it. hope u feel better soon... that sucks.

Leanne said...

hahahahaha! im ttly cracking up!!! i will def try to convince emily that you r cool... but srsly denee, it's time to just give up the uber cool ghost and join the ranks of the UNCOOL!

basset hound!

Tanner and Andrea said...

yes- please stay at our house- it would be fun. we are so excited to have everyone here in vegas again. maddex will be so excited to have a buddy to play with. let us know when you guys are coming.. see ya soon.
ps. i can't wait to squeeze maya.

Anonymous said...

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