Thursday, January 29, 2009

Who knew soapy water would turn out to be such a genius combination? Jayda is obsessed. In nursery they give the kids bubbles for their birthdays and they also smell like fruity things, Jayda got grape. We went to the dollar store before Christmas and got her a bunch more, and now everyday she wants to go in the backyard and blow bubbles. It's weird being out there and smelling pineapple or blueberry in the air, but she seems to love it, so bless all the soapy watery bubbles in the world :)



Bailey Grant said...

hey, you should have a post of the pictures we took in the rain! like a post on how much jayda loves her ala and bailey:) hahahaaa.


The Hulsey Family said...

We got those scented bubbles for the first time, I was shocked they smelled so much!

Amber said...

I have to say thank you to the person who invented bubbles to! My kids will play for hours, Love the picture of Jayda she is so cute!