Thursday, January 8, 2009

FHE Bandit

I have a really sick baby girl right now. Poor thing has been burning up with a fever for the past 3 days now. Usually staying around 102-103.5 is her mark. We took her to the doctor yesterday......(bless you Jackie and Ty for dealing with us and Ty for checking out our little girl) and she has some strep stuff going on and an ear infection. How she has an ear infection I don't know. It's annoying when your child gets surgery a year ago and has tubes put in her ears so she won't get these pesky ear infections anymore and she still ends up getting one. Either way we got an antibiotic, a blue otter pop, and headed home at least a little comforted that the medicine was going to ease her pain soon.

I have been wanting to update my blog for days and days and days but have been so consumed with my little one and family things with Brooklyn leaving for her mission on Tuesday and all that I just haven't gotten around to it, so bless my lovely sister in laws heart for being such a diligent blogger because I have just decided to copy and paste her recent post about our family home evening on here to save me the trouble. Plus she put things exactly how I would've anyways......especially the choc. malt part. Only I would have to add that I felt sick the rest of the night for drinking mine so fast. Chris about had to roll me home down the sidewalk lol

Here is how the night went in Nans words:

(it's a little small, but the pic is from the top of the hill across the street from our houses. its a pic of all our houses.)
You'd think we would've already had this planned by now. But actually, living this close together, we see eachother almost everyday so we never really set aside time for a formal family home evening for the village.This year that's changing. We've set aside the 1st Monday of every month for Village Family Home Evening.We always have a great time and Family Home Evening was no different.First we had texas toast pizzas, and Grandma's assignment was dessert. She made snickerdoodles (hers are legendary) and chocolate cookies, mmm...
Then our Family Home Evening,
followed by some Monday Night Football
and 2nd dessert: chocolate malts. Heaven on earth, I'm tellin ya!
Dad is so nice and always helps with my dishes. But during the process I noticed him digging under my sink for something, I'm mean, he was really digging in there! I asked him was he was looking for and then he pulled out his treasure triumphantly... he has been hiding his OWN dish scrubber under my sink!
I can't decide what's more disturbing about that: -that I have never really cleaned my undersink cabinet?-that he helps with my dishes so much that he has stashed his own, preferred scrubber?-or is it that doing dishes meant, the chocolate malts were all gone?
I'm pretty sure it's the lack of chocolate malt.

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