Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mesa Temple

I just thought I'd post some pictures of the family at the Mesa Temple. Brooklyn got to go through last week and get her own endowment done and you could tell she just loved the experience. She told our stake president when he asked her what she was going to do from now until she leaves that she was going to visit as many temples as she could. He said he'd never heard that one before. I love Brooklyns attitude and her love for the temple that my mom has definitely passed on to me, and now her. She's on her way to Idaho as I write this with my mom to visit two more temples. Jealous much??? I so am!! :)


Anonymous said...

i am SOOOOO loving the pic with jeffy!

tessa said...

What a neat occasion to share and glad the accident ended OK. Tiff did something similar last yr on the I-15.