Sunday, November 30, 2008

Family Pictures

We FINALLY took our new family pictures yesterday before we lose one in January and add another in May. This time it was a lot of fun because we were outside and the kids kind of did whatever and we just put my camera on the tripod and went for it. I was amazed that we actually got some good shots with the camera manning itself but hey that's what you've gotta do sometimes. For all of our family and friends who wanna see them they are on my photography blog so just click on that. Here's one for all of you who don't lol :)


Alexa Grant said...

thats funny right there!! haha

Anonymous said...

Hey "Little Ray's of Sunshine", haven't heard much from your family lately. I'm trying to really get my family to know their cousins more. You guys do, but I miss Savannah... I went to Becky's the other day in Snowflake. She wasn't there but visited with the others and they said she had been they not long ago. I also talked to her mom a bit. Does she have a blog. I'm trying so hard to get us all plug into one place so we all have eachother connected. I love getting to know you all since you have grown up. We have wonder you bunches, Nanette

Tiffany and Alan said...

love the pictures. You did a good job. We need to get together sometime.