Sunday, September 28, 2008

Be All You Can Be!

This is Benjamin Brown the newest cadet in the BYU ROTC program!
I can't believe all the gear they make them wear, but we are all so proud
of him for being so manly and patriotic :) Let's just hope we dont go to war
anytime soon so we dont have to worry about him luggin all that gear around
in who knows where. He sure looks cute doesn't he? haha we love you Ben, way to go!

Posted by Brooklyn Grant


Kathy's Boys said...

Hi Denee'
How are You?! I haven't seen you forever. We've got to figure out when we all can get together and I can't wait for you to see Maddex!! Hope all is well. Love ya

Benjamin said...

That is so embarrassing. You are a very sneaky woman Denee. You could have at least put up a picture that reveals my huge muscles! Very disappointing.

Alexa Grant said...

haha that is so funny man i love ben he is just hilarious!! and he looks so professional.(: