Monday, August 25, 2008


Chris and I are the ward activities people and lets just say this is all so very very new to us. We've had 2 activites so far and a lot of work. This past saturday was our Hawaiian Luau. Thanks to my dad helping Chris and I decorate and my mother in law and some of the ladies in the ward with the food, it went off with a bang! We had lots of people show up, the food was great and so was the entertainment. We got 4 Tongan boys to come sing for us and everyone loved it.


Anonymous said...

allow me to be the first to comment... WHAT A FAB PARTY! everything turned out great! are you recovered yet? :)

Kathy's Boys said...

Looks like a great party! And it looks like some of my mom and dads decorating skills got passed down!!
I had something like that for my reception. It was great. I may have to copy it for our next Ward Party!!
The pictures of Jayda are sooo cute. Just when I think she can't get any cuter...she does! Hope to see you guys sometime soon. Love ya

Jeriann said...

Hey kids! I was snooping around and found your blog, I think from Cortney Shurtzs' blog. What a cool party! I hope that you saved all your notes! Looked like a "do again" type of event. And that little girl is adorable! Tell mom and pop hello from Ren and Jeriann!