Sunday, August 31, 2008

Byron David Cawthon

Hey Aunt Rhonda and Uncle David. Here's a video of Byron for you guys to see. We went over to the hospital and he was just the sweetest little boy. Oh and hey to you too Tina and all your family :) My mom thought it'd be nice to post this for you to see just incase Alan and Tiffany didnt have time right away to post it on theres.


The Van Fam said...

Thanks for coming to see me and my baby at the hospital =) J/k I know you are so busy! Its been forever since I have seen you though!

Tena said...

Thanks a million for posting these videos so fast Denee', you are amazing! This meant more to us than you'll ever know! Thanks for being there and I love viewing your blog! Can't wait to see you guys soon in Arizona. Love Ya!